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Drill Bits & Fasteners

Drills Bits & Fasteners

Our Drill bit are available in different types and sizes. It is a special kind of cutting tool, which is specially designed to fit into a rotating drill. It comes along-with a bit and is used to cut cylindrical holes of various sizes in various kinds of surfaces. There is a huge range of bits available with various shapes and sizes. While the steel ones are cheaper, the carbide-tipped bits are expensive.

These cutting tools are often sold in sets along-with a drilling machine. And our items are specially designed for domestic use in wooden pieces.

Some of our drill bits facts are
1. Standard Point: This particular feature is considered for common calculation process. It helps in drilling mild/soft surfaces such as aluminium, cold rolled steel, wood etc.

2. Split Point: This kind of bit features an additional set of cutting lips along the chisel edge of the piece. It can be carbide, cobalt or HSS. However, such kind of fastener works best, provided split-point is present.

3. Masonry Point: Such type of bit also goes well with handyman and sharpens the surface through its curve-shaped grind.
Most of these drill bits for domestic use feature straight shanks. For heavy duty drilling in industry, these cutting tools feature tapered shanks.
Our Drills are,
1. High Performance Carbide Drills.
2. High Performance Coolant through Carbide Drills.
3. Carbide Step Drills (Designed for your Application).